We help you grow in the environmental and prevention commitment of your company or project.
Philosophy: “The Prevention of Labor Risks and the Environment are cross-cutting aspects of the operation of a company”
Concept: At O-SHEQ we believe that the involvement and commitment of all members of the company or project are necessary for the success of any management strategy. A worker who identifies with the values ​​of the company is a self-motivated person to cooperate in the achievement of your objectives.
We are experts in:

– Evaluation of training needs
– Motivational sessions “made to measure” for the different levels of the company
– Joint work, involving all staff, in the creation of a culture of “Zero Accidents”
– We guide in the generation of the feeling of “pride” and “identification” with the environmental and prevention values ​​of the company
– Identification of strengths and weaknesses and training plans for action and improvement
– Preparation of introductory sessions on Prevention of Occupational Hazards and Environment for new workers
– Short Security talks