• We create, apply and supervise the environmental management system of your company or project.
    • Philosophy: “I am responsible for the world that I want to leave to future generations”
    • Concept: At O-SHEQ we believe that companies are responsible for preserving and respecting the environment in which their activities and projects are located. A responsible and respectful attitude of each and every member of the work team towards what is around us will also contribute to the company’s social image.
    • We are experts in:

– Analysis of environmental risks
– Identification of the applicable legislation
– Drafting, Implementation and Monitoring of Environmental Management Plans
– Environmental impact studies
– Measurements and analysis of noise, water, pollution of the atmosphere
– Support staff in Project Environmental Management and Surveillance
– IRCA audits

    • Work areas:

– Noise mitigation systems (aerial and underwater) and Marine Mammal Observation, Waste management, Water management, Ecosystem management (especially marine and coastal)
– Wind, Gas and Oil Plants, Underwater Operations, Civil Works, Maritime Works, Chemical Companies, Workshops, Distributors, SMEs, etc …